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BBQ or Grilled Salmon Kebabs
  • 2-3 Salmon Fillets, tail end (no bone present - we can debone for you)
  • Bees Blessing Lemon, Ginger and honey (see in store)
  • Organic Rock Salt, crushed
  • Peppers of varying colours (red, green, yellow), cut into squares
  • 1 Red Onion, peeled and cut into squares
  • Olive Oil (see in store)
  • Wooden Skewers, as required, soaked in warm water for approx 20 minutes
Wash the salmon. Remove the skin from the salmon by holding the thin end of the salmon with your left hand and placing a knife on an angle between the skin and flesh. Slide the knife along the fillet to the end until all the skin has been peeled/cut off.
Cut into squares approximately 3cm x 3cm. Place in bowl and season with rock salt and freshly ground pepper. Mix and drizzle enough Bees Blessing Lemon, Ginger and honey syrup to cover the entire mixture. marinate for approximate 1 hour.
Thread 1 piece of salmon through a skewer, followed by a slice of onion and pepper. Repeat process, alternating pepper colours along skewer and using 4 pieces of salmon in total, starting and finishing with salmon pieces at either end. Grill or BBQ quickly until the salmon turns pale pink.
NB: Olive oil can be brushed on kebabs before cooking if desired. You can add cherry tomatoes to the kebabs if you like.
Great summer eating!