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Planning a Foodie Holiday?


Here's a list of some of the best!

New York, USA - incredible top class restaurants - you can walk between each and on to the Statue of Liberty

Singapore – the best of regional Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian and global cuisine with a spot of shopping

Chengdu, China – hot, spicy and noodles galore 

Barcelona, Spain – tapas and foodie heaven markets 

Avignon, France – food markets in the heart of the olive, fig, wine and dairy sector (truffles in season).

Marrakech, Morocco – dine on sheep’s heads, snails and kebabs in the Souk (market) before heading out to the desert

Bologna, Northern Italy – birthplace of the Slow Food Movement

New Orleans, USA – try gumbo, crawfish and jambalaya – uniquely Cajun

Tokyo, Japan – way more than sushi! Tradition and ultra-modern collide deliciously

Copenhapgen, Denmark – lots of hot chefs, hot food, and snow

Bangkok, Thailand – from street food to top notch eateries the food is all aromatically divine

Sydney, Australia - young, gorgeous and high on white sand beaches, surf and seafood (must try - barramundi)