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Swap Bad Snacks For Good Snacks


  • A short ingredient list means a higher nutritional value
  • Swap: Sugary Cereals
  • For: Whole oats (porridge), sugar-free muesli, Weetbix


  • Wholewheat bread should list wholewheat flour as the first ingredient and the only flour listed
  • Wholegrain bread contains all three parts of the kernal: germ, bran and endosperm
  • Swap: White Bread
  • For: Wholewheat or wholegrain bread
  • Recommended: Per slice: 100 or fewer calories, 2 grams or more fiber, 225mg or less sodium



Sweet Treats:

  • Trans fats (evil artery cloggers) are used in processed foods to preserve the freshness of the food. Look out for the words "partially hydrogenated" vegetable oil.
  • Swap: Processed crackers, biscuits and cakes 
  • For: Nutrient-packed dried fruit, heart-healthy nuts and seeds 



  • Fruit is chocka full of disease fighting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibre.
  • Swap: Out of season fruit
  • For: In season fruit (with less travel distances they are higher in vitamins and minerals)



  • Calcium is held in the non-fat part of milk so low fat options are fine. 
  • Swap: Whole milk
  • For: Semi-skimmed or skimmed. Still high in calcium but low in fat.


  • Watch out for low-fat yoghurts that contain extra sugar and thickeners to improve flavour and texture.
  • Swap: High sugar content yoghurt
  • For:  Healthy yoghurt 
  • Recommended: 1 cup of yoghurt should contain at least 5 grams of protein, 20% daily value of calcium, 10% daily value of Vitamin D 


  • Cheese contains goodies like calcium and protein but also salt and saturated fat so choose wisely.
  • Swap: Blue cheese, camembert and cheddar
  • For: Cottage cheese, Feta, light cream cheese, Gouda and Edam

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