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Hake - The Facts!

Hake is a deep sea fish and a member of the Cod family. Hake is a delicate white fish with thick flakes and a mild flavour. The flesh firms when cooked. 

The French call Hake 'saumon blanc' which means 'white salmon'!

It has good omega 3. In Spain and Portugal it is usually pan-fried, baked or grilled and paired with robust flavours like garlic, paprika, tomatoes and chorizo. 

In New Zealand Hake is often marinated, microwaved, poached, baked, curried, casseroled and added to soup or chowder.
When the fishermen bring in a fresh haul of Hake you will find it battered at our Fish and Chip Counter. Try it with our homemade Greek Coleslaw and Tzatziki. Sublime!