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Summer Foodie Tips


What can I do with leftover fish

Throw leftover fish, salad, cherry tomatoes, green/red/yellow pepper, red onion, in pita bread with mayonnaise and basil leaves. Yumster! 


Can you recommend a cool summer idea

In a blender, puree chunks of peaches, pears or nectarines, along with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Pour into ice cube containers and freeze until firm. Serve as ice cubes in chilled water or as a popsicle treat.


What’s a sophisticated drink?

In an iced champagne glass pour a serve of Bees Blessing Strawberry with your fave champagne or sparkling water for the kids. Add mint leaves and stir with a swizzle stick. 


How can I transport fish in the summer heat?

If you are transporting fish in the car – take it straight home. We can also wrap your fish with a bag of ice to keep it cool. A chilly bin in the car is useful for transporting food in the summer heat. 


Should I buy organic?

Organic strawberries are incredibly sweet compared to the ordinary variety (unless you are growing them in your own garden of course!)


Do you have any ideas for a fun party?

Have a tapas party – lots of finger food and sherry – we can supply calamari, prawn kebabs, fish bites, mussel fritters, squid bites, scallops, smoked fish, Mustardmakers dressings and mustards, and a wide variety of Greek Cakes and Desserts.

Serve with Fine Sherry, Rosé, or champagne and don’t forget the butler to serve it all!