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What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is the perfect mix of sweet/savoury deepened by the flavours of molasses with balsamic, caramel and tamarind undertones but retaining the garlic essence. The texture is soft and chewy and melts in your mouth.


  • The history of Black Garlic stems from Asia.
  • Black Garlic is the highest quality garlic that has been aged by a process of the perfect mix of heat and humidity causing the garlic to ferment.
  • The garlic is roasted at a low heat for anywhere between 30 – 60 days to attain perfection.
  • Black Garlic is a completely natural product.
  • This means no food colouring, no soy sauce (yes it’s gluten free) and no preservatives.  
  • The black colour of the garlic occurs naturally as the sugars are drawn out of the garlic during the process of slow roasting.
  • The green pungent flavours of fresh garlic are gone but the garlic essence remains. 
  • Black Garlic has a matte-black colour and gooey-soft, chewy texture and possesses a sweet taste similar to balsamic and caramel. Rated by USA culinary website as ‘Liquid Gold’ Black Garlic is the ingredient every kitchen should have.
  • You can store Black Garlic in it's small paper bag in the fridge for up to a year.
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