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How to Cook Flounder and Sole

Flounders and Soles or Flat Fish as they are know in MAF terms are an easy meal, generally fried or barbequed, they require no preparation at all!


  • These Flat Fish are served whole on a plate. 1 Flounder or Sole per person. To eat, you scrape the flesh with a fork and flip the fish over to continue with the other side.
  • Turbot and Brill are also flat fish species and are larger than both Flounder and Soles. Turbot fillets are a treat and John's Fish is known to fillet Turbot on the rare occasions it is stocked.
  • Sole has a tough skin and is normally sold already skinned, headed and gutted. It is cooked in the same way as Flounder and those who like flat fish actually prefer Sole to Flounder! We occasionally also fillet Sole.
  • There are various types of Flounder, the most preferred being the Yellow Belly Flounder, named after its prominent spotty yellow belly. This type of Flounder is meatier than the average Sand Flounder, however, not as common.
  • Flounders are always gutted when purchased, but with the head and skin intact, as the skin is soft and can be eaten.
  • A healthy way to cook Flounder or Sole is to wrap the seasoned fish in greased foil and bake or grill on a hot plate or bbq until cooked - easy too!