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Can't find the exact fish for your recipe?

Firstly, don't panic because there are oodles of options. If your fish is out of season, expensive, or unavailable have a chat to us first then we can recommend a perfectly good (in fact delectable!) alternative.

Let's say your recipe recommends Moki, well this is a firm steaky fish, and Warehou or Groper are excellent substitutes. For Tarakihi alternatives Gurnard is an obvious choice but we also recommend Blue Cod and Trevally. You'll have fun experimenting and trying new species!

Hoki is a white, flakey, soft fish perfect for fish pies and fish cakes. We generally always have Hoki in during the winter months but a suitable alternative is Red Cod - a soft, flakey fish with a medium flavour. These two species are a very economical price by the Kg and, by cooking them in pies or fish cakes the fish is going to go a lot further.