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Become a Fish Expert - fun facts

Did you know our fish preferences vary wildly throughout New Zealand?

Aucklanders adore their Snapper, Southern South Islanders love Blue Cod, Nelson's fave is Gurnard, and Wellingtonians can't get enough of Tarakihi. 



If you've never tried Ling why not now! Ling is delicious, mild, white, firm and is very versatile for cooking. It has a moist texture and a mild to medium taste. It's a relation of the Northern European Cod but firmer. Try it:

Hoki is a winter fish and is wonderfully versatile - it's flesh is white, flakey, and soft. Hoki is perfect for crumbing when you want a quick meal and, when you're feeling Welly chilly, whip up Vana's Hoki fish pie - heartwarming comfort food!  

Red Cod is a soft, flakey fish with a medium flavour. Perfect for fish pies and fish cakes.Try this Thai Fish Cake recipe with Cucumber Salad

Pearl is a white firm fish. Recommended in fish pies.

It's Happy Days when we have a superlicious fresh catch of Butterfish in store. This 'gold medal' fish is high in Omega-3 (for healthy hearts and brains)... And the secret... butterfish eat lots of seaweed. Sushi anyone??  


Did you know?

  • Scottish Kippers were traditionally eaten at breakfast!
  • The French enjoy Skate Wings cooked in wine, browned butter and chives 
  • Jack Mackerel has oily meat - and is high in Omega-3 


Do you eat Bluff Oysters raw or cooked?

Vana likes them dipped in flour (don't wash) and fried in olive oil until they go crispy (not too long), then served with lemon juice and salt. Easy!